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  September 11, 2004. Madrid (Spain)

    A large well-lit room is divided in 42 consecutive booths. Each booth is occupied by two people who have never met before talking face-to-face with a 60 cm table between them.

Every four minutes, a trumpet sounds and people get up and move to the next booth, where they will meet up with a new person.

Encounters are generated out of isolation. Most people talk non-stop, few leave, some enjoy up to 20 encounters. People yell asking for water, shy people let their hair down after the fourth person and start talking, people ask: What did you do today? Where did you go on vacation this summer? What do you do? What’s your name?

At 12 midnight, 200 people had passed through, some stayed longer than others, everyone faced the same situation of having someone looking at them waiting for them to say something.

An mmmm... action at La Casa Encendida.


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