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  September 28, 2002. Cabra, Córdoba (Spain)

    A booth is set up covering the only exit to a movie theater while the public is inside. When the projection ends, the public is only allowed to leave the theater one at a time through the booth.

Inside the booth, a camera propped up on a table records the face of the person coming into the booth. There’s a Euro on the table. An exit door on the left.

What happens inside the booth is projected in the patio outside through a closed circuit video. The person inside the booth doesn’t know she/he is being observed. "He won’t take it, he wouldn’t even take an olive!" shouts one participant who himself had failed to take the Euro. No one takes it. Another participant leaves a Euro on the table. "You’re too honest!" yell the people outside. The sum is increased. People still don’t take the money. One of the award winners at that night’s short film competition goes in the booth and, without pausing, takes the 36 Euros that are on the table. People applaud as he comes out. Of course, he kept the money.

An mmmm... action for Cabra's 7º Audiovisual Competition.


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