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  February 14, 2003. Madrid (Spain)

      A day before the massive anti-war protest against the War in Iraq, 30 people over the age of 80 who had lived through the Spanish Civil War on either side protested in front of Picasso’s Guernica at the Reina Sofia Museum in a peaceful anti-war protest. This anonymous action was not associated with any political party.

These men and women are part of a generation that has a lot to say about what war is like:
"I’m totally against war because I’ve lived through one and I don’t want another one. Not for myself, not for my children, not for society in general, because we have nothing to win by going to war. Tomorrow we will protest against the war, tomorrow and the next day and every day. I’m telling you this and I’m about to turn 92 and have a very clear head!"


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