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  Since 2001


  Telemadre is a social exchange model that connects unemployed mothers with people who would like to eat home-cooked meals but have neither the time nor the skills necessary to cook.

Through a financial arrangement between the parties and periodic deliveries, the mothers provide their telechildren with ready-cooked meals. A healthy diet based on fish and meat, vegetables, legumes, fruit and dairy products.

The telemadre keeps in touch with each new telechild, concerning herself with the state of their fridge, their tastes and their needs. Once in a while, she even sends homemade desserts, to spoil them just enough.

Exhibited at "Nowhere-NowHere". Laboral. Center for Art and Industrial Creation. Gijón (Spain). 2008.

Exhibited at "Banquete". Conde Duque Cultural Center, Madrid (Spain). 2003.

Telemadre Tour. "Panem et Cincerses". Can Gelabert Cultural Center. Binissalem, Mallorca (Spain). 2002.

Published on the Internet at at a public event held at the Los 29 Enchufes Gallery, Madrid (Spain). 2002.


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