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Christmas Attack
  Three spaces of homogenous drunkenness. December 21, 2002. Madrid (Spain)

      Guests at an action in a gallery are weighed and labeled upon entering. They’re labeled according to weight and gender. They have to read some rules in order to continue.

Zone 1 is relaxed. In order to enter Zone 2, you have to first drink a certain number of vodka shots. The number of shots depends on each person’s weight and gender. Each time someone drinks a shot, they get a checkmark on their label. The label is personal and may not be exchanged; it’s fastened on to the wrist with a taught cable tie.

Access to Zone 2 is strictly controlled. Only those who have had enough to drink are allowed in. Once people have had their quota of shots in Zone 1, they will not be served more alcohol there.  Couples and groups of friends separate, with slower drinkers being left behind.

Zone 2 looks more like a bar than a gallery. People keep drinking. They want to get to the end. Some people who get to Zone 3 too quickly are forcibly thrown out accused of vandalism.

Men in Zone 3 have had more than 10 shots. Women have had more than 6. Screams, pissing, striptease, necking, violence. Zone 3 is a madhouse. It’s chaos. And it’s still only 10 pm...

An mmmm... action for Doméstico 02.


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