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  2011 and 2010.


  Aligned along a grid, twelve booths placed in the middle of a nondescript room. The booths appear exactly alike; each has a single door and an open roof. Opposite each door, a removable panel allows for the creation of larger and smaller spaces. During each encounter adjustments are made to the number of participants, the amount of light in the room, booth size and duration of the encounter.

How do participants perceive the "other" in such close proximity? Is a feeling of intimacy generated or claustrophobia? Does the participant avoid physical contact? Where do participants place their hands? Do they lose track of time? Who will be the next person to get into his or her booth?

The small space of each booth, less than a square meter, exaggerates gestures and body language. It becomes immediately apparent which people are drawn to one another and which feel uncomfortable. Curiously, the behavior and gestures of participants in the same booth often mirror each other; two people touch their hair simultaneously even when they are not looking at each other, participants stand with their arms crossed or scratch their necks simultaneously.

Weekly workshop for teenagers. Reina Sofía Museum. Madrid (Spain). 2010 and 2011.


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