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Uterus 2000
Christmas Attack
  May 14, 2010 and November 20, 2008.
Madrid (Spain)


A third of the guests at a party are infiltrated flatterers but the guests don’t know this. The flatterers have specific instructions about how to flatter the other guests in quite personal ways. The guests experience how their egos begin to grow as the night progresses... One guest had three women take off his tie; another was swept off her feet and lifted across the bar over to the bartender.  Even the flatterers believed each other, because, as they later commented: "My vanity prevented me from recognizing any of the flatterers". "It’s much better to be a flatterer than to be flattered", "You’re a bunch of snobs, you have no right to play with people’s feelings that way", "We want to clone you!", "I’m going to bed with this huge rush. I’m ace..."

An mmmm... action carried out at Matadero. Madrid (Spain). 2010. Banana Studio. Madrid (Spain). 2008.



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