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  April 10, 2005. Madrid (Spain)

    Cocktails were served in a totally dark space that could hold up to 100 people. The blind community was called upon to assist, but the rest of the guests didn’t know this.

People yelled so loudly that the music was barely audible. On her way out, one blind woman commented that, "When people don’t see they think if they talk louder they’ll be more easily understood". Some hairy thing made its way through the packed crowd: a blind guest’s seeing-eye dog. Using an infrared camera, we saw kisses and furtive fondling... People tended to gather in the corners and move through the crowds with their hands on each other’s waists. Not seeing gave people the freedom to change groups without feeling judged and listen in on other people’s conversations without being seen. Good-looking women complained that no one paid attention to them.

"I touched some guy’s shirt and told him: 'What a cool shirt. What’s it like?' And he answered: 'You can see it when we get out'. And, of course, I thought, well I’m not going to see it when we leave either..."

An mmmm... action for Radio 3 at La Casa Encendida.


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