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    The average home in Madrid costs 3,976 Euro per m2 . If you apply for a 25-year mortgage at 3.79% interest that means you’ll pay a total of 6,300 Euro per m2. The minimum guaranteed interprofessional wage is 570 Euros a month. A person earning this wage makes 28.5 Euros in an 8-hour workday, which would allow them to buy 0.0045 m2 of home, that is to say, 45 cm2. If they spend 100% of their minimum guaranteed interprofessional wage on paying off they mortgage, in 25 years they’ll be able to buy a 27.17 m2 home.

Minimum guaranteed interprofessional wage for the year 2007 stipulated by ROYAL DECREE 1632/2006 (BOE). Average cost per home in Madrid according to data from the Ministry of Housing for the year 2006. Euribor 3.79% (October 2006).

Business card for people who live in Madrid exhibited as part of "Cementimientos", Off Limits Gallery, Madrid (Spain). 2007.


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