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  From June through December 2005


  "Dinero para leer" was a grant awarded by the Instituto Cervantes to support reading "Don Quixote of La Mancha".

The reader who received the award had to read "Don Quixote" in its entirety, keeping a schedule corresponding to business hours while sitting in front of a web cam that broadcast the whole reading process on The reader was supposed to understand the book, so reading out loud was not required.

Javier Carretero was chosen among 181 applicants to read "Don Quixote" for 642 Euro. At the time he was awarded the grant, he was 35-years old and lived in Getafe (Madrid) where he worked as a taxi driver. He was married to a Muslim woman and they had used "Don Quixote" in their wedding ceremony. In his own words, "if Don Quixote were a present-day character, he could well be a taxi driver".

Grant applications were submitted through the web page. Applicants had to fill out a questionnaire and answer the questions: What would be your motives for reading "Don Quixote"? And, how much money would your charge to read "Don Quixote"? Funding for the grant could range between 282 Euro and 1,000 Euro, depending on the amount requested. An extra 200 Euros were awarded for travel and other expenses.

A grant awarded by mmmm... as part of the Instituto Cervantes' "Palabras corrientes" ("Common Words") Online Art project.

Exhibited at "Sintopía(s). On the relationship between art, science and technology", in collaboration with the Museo Extremeño e Iberoamericano de Arte Contemporáneo (MEIAC). Instituto Cervantes, New York (USA). 2008. Instituto Cervantes, Beijing (China). 2007.


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